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Cookie Butter


Cinnamon spice cookie butter baked into our classic yellow cake with cream cheese frosting adorned with a dollop of cookie butter and topped with a cinnamon spice Belgium cookie

Cookie Dough


Delicious yellow cake with chocolate chip cookie cream cheese frosting garnished with a cookie

Cookies and Cream


Our moist chocolate cake with an Oreo buttercream frosting lightly dusted with Oreo crumbs adorned with an Oreo cookie

Holiday Dozen


2 Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer  (buttery yellow cake with chocolate frosting)

2 Eggnog (yellow cake with cream cheese frosting spiked perfectly with brandy and spices)

2 Red Velvet  (moist and delicious best seller decorated with a holiday wreath)

2 Chocolate Fudge and Mint (rich chocolate cake with fudgy mint chocolate frosting, topped with chocolate mint candy pieces)

2 Gingerbread (spice cake with a complimenting spiced cream cheese frosting, topped with a meringue)

2 Chocolate Raspberry Almond Cream (Chocolate cake infused with raspberry purée, topped with almond flavored cream cheese, a swirl of raspberry purée, toasted almonds, and a fresh raspberry)

Key Lime


A zesty key lime cake with key lime cream cheese cream frosting, a dollop of caramel, lightly dusted with graham crackers, garnished with a key lime jelly bean candy

Lemon Coconut


Lemon Coconut cake accented with lemon curd with a coconut cream     cheese frosting topped with toasted flakes

Lemon Drop


A light and fluffy lemony cake, with a creamy, zesty lemon cream cheese frosting garnished with a Lemonhead candy

Maple Syrup and Waffle


Yellow cake with waffle crisps drenched in maple syrup, maple cream cheese topped with a delightful waffle crisp cookie and a light caramel drizzle

Orange Creamsicle


A delightfully citrus orange cake with swirled orange cream cheese frosting, adorned with an orange slice candy