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25 reviews for Red Velvet

  1. Myra Davis

    This is the best Red Velvet cake! I live in North Carolina and I make sure to stop at Cami Cakes ( any location) when I’m ATL.
    Always moist and delicious!!

  2. Antoine martin

    All the cakes are extremely worth the $$$$$

  3. Cheryl Teasley

    This is the best red velvet cake that I have tasted!!! I love CamiCakes!!!! You will not be dissappointed. I only wish it had more nuts, but it is fantastic! It is very rich and moist.

  4. Bradley

    couple hours so make sure to enter and share with your friends!a0 Savior Cents done a wornfdeula0review of these yummy cakes! Do you see any cakes you like? Want a chance to win your own yummy cake?

  5. Annapureddy

    saw a version of this at Glorious Treats and fell in love with the look. For this cake, I used my white vlveet cake recipe. It’s definitely a favorite of mine. It has never failed me. I would also encourage you to

  6. Sean

    So good

  7. Dawn (verified owner)

    I think I make a good Red Velvet Cake and I’ve tasted quite a few of them, but when I tasted Cammie’s Red Velvet at my girlfriend’s book club meeting, I lost my mind! It was the best I have ever had!!!!

  8. Tara Clark

    The absolute BEST red velvet cake I’ve ever eaten from a bakery! Tastes like homemade from auntie’s kitchen.

  9. Markia davis

    My fiancé bought this for my birthday and it was amazing. Now I’m getting it for him. 🙂 My absolute favorite cake

  10. Shantrell Jarrell

    The best cup cakes in Jacksonville

  11. Brittni

    This is the best cake you will ever taste!

  12. Kaja King

    My brother brought two of these cakes to our family reunion and our relatives thought it was the best red velvet they have ever had!

  13. Jamie Kaye

    I had this cake for my 50th and for my son’s 18th birthday. It was a HUGE hit and is now being requested for another party.

  14. Patrice Lewis

    This is my wife’s favorite cake

  15. Melanie phelps

    Best cupcakes in the world

  16. Melanie phelps

    Best in the world

  17. April Royal

    On yesterday I had to rush and get birthday cupcakes and I tried one of the Red Velvets for the first time and loved. Since I moved to the area, there have not been many Red Velvets I have not tried, also not many I enjoyed, but this one I did. As the Founder of the Kory Foundation Inc., I am always ordering deserts for events and the Children’s hospitals, I have finally found one that can do a Red Velvet I like. I will be placing more orders soon.

    Thank you

  18. Tyla Dixon

    Very good cake!!

  19. Tara Adams

    Omg. This cake is “Da Bomb” I love this flavor.

  20. JB

    This is the most decadent, moist and delicious Red Velvet cake you can buy. Only a southern grandmother could make it better. Cami Cakes has the highest quality of cakes and cupcakes. No doubt!!


  21. Tanisha Benjamin

    The cake tasted rich

  22. Erica Hart

    My absolute favorite

  23. Juliet Potter

    I love your cakes

  24. Juliet Potter

    Love it

  25. Ashley Karim-Kincey


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